My business is the life insurance business, and I travel a lot, so I need a backup that allows me any where and any time to have my clients info backed up. I trust Mastermind Data for that reason. I have known Keith Green the owner for 30 years and when he created this business a few years ago I went with his company. I was using discs that I would forget to backup! This way it is done remotely at a certain time of day or night, and I don’t have to think about it. This is the best insurance I can get. If I lost my online files it would take a horrendous amount of time to recreate this info. Time is money. For the small amount of cost, it is a great investment. I have talked to friends that after talking with Keith and found how open to discussion and fact-finding he does; that they were pleasantly surprised at the cost and effortless way that their business can be backed up. It’s a Canadian company and backup is in Ontario. Not some far off country, which who knows who and what is happening. I would suggest anyone keep an open mind and explore Mastermind Backup.