Disaster Prevention and Preparation Best Practices

Ensure your Critical Systems and Data are Fully Backed up daily.
Retain Incremental Daily Backups for 60 to 90 days, 12 weeks, 12 months and at least 7 years for financial records.
Maintain the Backup Settings to Account for Data relocation, Password changes, etc. (daily status reports can help with this).
Use a Reputable Business-class Security Software Suite and keep it up-to-date.
Install Operating System Security Updates on a regular basis.
Use a Business-class Firewall.
Ensure that your Wireless Network is Properly Secured.
Ensure that your Email is hosted with a reputable provider with intelligent spam filtering.
Maintain a support agreement with a Reputable IT Services Provider.
Provide employees with email and web browsing security training.

When we receive a full system image backup, the Mastermind platinum disaster recovery service will initiate a complete recovery to our virtual servers. These servers are in the same rack as the backup servers, located in our 24/7 Ultra Secure Canadian Data Centres.

We will work closely with your IT provider to get you backup and running in a fraction of the time it normally takes.

Mastermind is a 100% Canadian-owned data backup and disaster recovery company. We work with you to find disaster recovery solutions, create a plan, and find vulnerabilities in your system in case of an emergency. We use both physical machines and virtual machines for redundancy to ensure your data is easily accessible and kept safe. We know that downtime is essential to avoid – our disaster recovery services ensure business continuity in the event of an emergency with our rapid restoration.

Downtime is expensive. With the cost of employees using your company’s IT infrastructure, the potentially-missed sales opportunities, and the loss of email, order, or sales processing, you could experience a real impact to your bottom line. Often, it can take days to recover from a fire, flood, equipment failure, or loss of data. Can your company afford days or weeks of downtime while you recover your data after a disaster?

Disaster Recovery Solutions - Features

Mastermind’s platinum disaster recovery service is an easy-to-use web-based cloud management console. It is hybrid protection that combines the benefits of both traditional and cloud backup. With remote agent update from the management console, you can be sure that all your data is being backed up quickly by locally performing tasks that require less network interaction.

The initial seeding allows large volumes of data to move easily and quickly to the cloud. After the initial seeding, changes to the disk content are continuously tracked at the block level. When an incremental backup starts, these changes can be immediately saved to the backup. That way, no matter how many small updates or changes you make, you know a full data restoration will be available any time you require it.

This is a fully customizable and scalable self-service for customers. A new tray icon is available that can notify you of the backup procedure and process at any time, as well as provide a backup account storage summary at the click of a button. We offer multiple reseller tiers and multi-tenancy to suit your needs. We can find the data storage and disaster recovery solutions that are right for you and your business!

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