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We Recommend Mastermind To Our Clients

As an IT service provider, we have experience with numerous different backup solutions. Of all of them, we recommend Mastermind to our clients because of their reliability, flexibility, and Canadian presence. Compared to all of the other software-based cloud backup providers we’ve encountered in the field, Mastermind is the BEST; bar none.

Scott Birmingham

Great Company

I was a client for a year and had a great experience. The only reason I am no longer a client is that I subscribed to a service that integrates a computer lease, full online security, tech support, and secure backup. Basically, I chose the convenience of an all-in-one provider. Not only was my experience with MasterMind excellent, but I was also pleasantly surprised when they provided a refund for the unused portion of my renewed subscription. I was not expecting this, as I was terminating the contract without cause or notice. I fully recommend their services and would become a client again should circumstances change.

Paul Erick

Vital Service

We have been using this service for many years now. It has been completely painless and completely reliable when we have needed to retrieve lost data. No modern business should be without this type of service, and Mastermind is one of the best!

Ed Bodbyl

One Less Thing To Worry About

Hi Sharon and Keith, My business promises our clients secure but readily-accessible storage of sensitive client information. Mastermind Backup has allowed us to keep this important promise, even despite ever-advancing technology requirements and occasional hardware glitches. The quality of their systems is surpassed only by the service orientation of their people. We have been able to instantly retrieve data at any time of day – one less thing to worry about when you know Mastermind has your back covered! Health First Rehabilitation & Consultants – Kind Regards

Jim Foley B.Sc., B.H.Sc. PT Registered Physiotherapist
Health First Rehabilitation & Consultants

From The Beginning

We have been using the Mastermind back up solution/systems for the past 20 years. With it, we have survived fire’s and flood’s and managed to get back on track in 48 hours. Great software and even better people.

Dylan Lyall

We Would Have Been In Serious Trouble If Not For Mastermind

We have been with MasterMind Backup for over 8 years and are we ever glad for that. We have required small recovery items a few times without a hitch, but the time our server hard drive was fried we would have been in serious trouble if not for MasterMind. Their staff pulled out all stops to get us up and running as quickly and painlessly as possible. We will be forever grateful for that. In these times, it is nice to be able to sleep at night without worrying about ransomware.

Michael O'Brien
Dessco Countertops

Great Business Partner!

We have been using Mastermind for years to assist us with data storage and backup technology in our business. We’re very satisfied and would happily recommend them, in fact, we do – to our own clients.

Harry Mitchell

Excellent Service

We have had our computers backed up with Mastermind Backup for the last couple of years. Thank goodness for their service! We can rest assured that our content is stored on Canadian soil and is secure. This gives me peace of mind knowing that this is also complying with our professional regulations.

Julie DiNardo
Gleam Smile Centre

Principal At Conant Financial

My business is the life insurance business, and I travel a lot, so I need a backup that allows me any where and any time to have my clients info backed up. I trust Mastermind Data for that reason. I have known Keith Green the owner for 30 years and when he created this business a few years ago I went with his company. I was using discs that I would forget to backup! This way it is done remotely at a certain time of day or night, and I don’t have to think about it. This is the best insurance I can get. If I lost my online files it would take a horrendous amount of time to recreate this info. Time is money. For the small amount of cost, it is a great investment. I have talked to friends that after talking with Keith and found how open to discussion and fact-finding he does; that they were pleasantly surprised at the cost and effortless way that their business can be backed up. It’s a Canadian company and backup is in Ontario. Not some far off country, which who knows who and what is happening. I would suggest anyone keep an open mind and explore Mastermind Backup.

Gordon Conant
Conant Financial

Concern With Online Backup

One concern that I have as a lawyer is making certain that my client records are kept in a secure environment. It is important for me to comply with Law Society requirements as well as Canadian privacy legislation. It is also important for me to keep in mind client confidentiality and also the potential legal liability. For these reasons, it is vital that my backup service is a Canadian company and that it complies with all legal requirements. There are many companies that provide backup service, but I know that I can rely on Mastermind. Their data centre is located in Canada, in a facility designed specifically for offsite data storage, staffed 24/7, with physical security on all levels of entry, and several days of standby power. I know that they go beyond the minimum requirements for secure data storage, and they have been upfront in answering any questions. I have no hesitation in highly recommending Mastermind. If you are looking for data backup, make certain that the company is 100% Canadian owned and operated, and that data is stored in Canada. Do your due diligence and protect your data and your clients’ information. Ask the right questions. You will probably conclude as I did that Mastermind is the answer.

Ralph W. Hayman

Stop Procrastinating!

I am one of those people who procrastinate and put things off. How long have you been able to backup your files online? Years — and for years I have put it off and have had 2 or 3 catastrophes where I have lost everything. I went online to find a reliable backup provider that I could trust. I wasn’t looking for the cheapest because you can get it for free. I checked out about 4 or 5, sent messages and called a few and Mastermind was the only company that called me back and took the time to explain this business. I gained some knowledge and began to trust what they had to offer. I have my own business and I have come to realize that if you don’t have a good backup you are jeopardizing your entire company. Mastermind is a little more expensive but after talking to them I felt confident backing up my information in the mastermind cloud.

Ron B
StrucEngStructural Engineering

Highly Recommend This Service

I had an online backup service that was really cheap and when it came to getting a file back they said they couldn’t find it because the software only keeps the file changes for 7 days. That was a disaster, we lost some valuable info. Mastermind keeps your file versions for years. I found out that you should keep the everyday changes to your files for a minimum of 90 days, and snapshots for 12 weeks, 12 months and 7 years. I feel much better paying a little more for a reliable service and the knowledge they gave us on the right way to do it. Thanks

Karen Ross

Had A Hard Drive Crash

Didn’t think I needed this service and questioned paying for it every month because what are the chances of my Hard Drive failing. Well, it did and it was going to cost hundreds to recover the data. So glad I choose Mastermind. They are more expensive but worth every penny when you need them. They helped me recover our business files in a couple of hours, the tech was nice and patient. We would have been out of busy without our data. Thanks, guys!

Ben R

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