Products And Services

Our Plans and Pricing Includes…

  • Hourly scans for ransomware, malware, and viruses with our free built-in Cyber protection

  • Free Telephone, Email, and Remote Support
  • 256k AES Encryption Storage and 128 SSL Transfer Security
  • Fully Compliant With Canadian Privacy Legislation
  • Flexible Daily Backup Schedules
  • Unlimited Versioning/Retention IE: 30 Days, 12 Weeks, 12 Months, 7 Years, etc.

  • Unlimited Local Backup

  • Daily Email Reports

  • Data Stored in Canada with our 24/7 Guard and Fire Protected Facilities

  • Ability to restore your information anywhere, anytime.

  • 100% Canadian Owned and Operated

The Ultimate Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Solution

Unlimited local data protection plan


  • The BCS – 4000 is an exclusive product that protects your entire server/computer.

  • In the event of a major interruption, the BCS – 4000 will initiate a full recovery in a reasonable amount of time.

  • It features a 500-gig solid state drive (expandable) for the Linux operating system, 16 to 64 gigs of ram and a 4 TB drive expandable to over 100 TB.

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Encrypted Offsite Data Protection Plan.

Value Comparison

Plans The Average Cost/month What you Receive
Mastermind Backup and data Protection Plans $20 100 GB
A Cell phone Plan $80 30 GB
An Internet Access Plan $75 Unlimited
Coffee and Donuts $90 2LBS/month
Accounting $250 Saves Time
Photo Copier $100 Reams of Paper
  • Mastermind Backup and Protection Plans Average Cost/month: $20 for a 100 GB of data, and all our plans include:
  • Workstations, Servers, Web Hosting Servers, and Virtual Machines
  • Websites, and Mobile Devices

  • Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace Seats

  • Microsoft Teams, and One Drive

  • Unlimited Local

  • Encryption
  • Cyber, Ransomware, Malware and Virus Protection

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Complete Data Protection Plan.

  • When disaster strikes we will initiate a full recovery within minutes on our Virtual Servers. We connect with your IT provider to have you up and running, and will work with you until your problem is resolved.

  • This is an exclusive product that protects your entire server or computer in the event of a major interruption.

  • Includes full image of your Server and Daily Backups.

  • No equipment cost or extra charges.
  • Virtual server on standby and re-created to your specifications.

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