The Mastermind Backup Difference.

Peace of Mind

We provide a complete range of Backup and Data Protection Services on the following platforms…

VEEAM, ACRONIS, Ah-Say, Infrascale and DATTO.

Our servers are located in 3 Data Centers, two located in the Greater Toronto Area and the third located in Kingston Ontario. Since all of our Canadian cloud storage data centers are located on Canadian soil they are not accessible by the NSA or any other foreign entity.

Mastermind employs in-house technicians and offers free technical support. We believe you should be able to speak with a real human being, anytime. We also believe you should have 24/7 access to your data.

Average Cost of A Cyber Attack

Unplanned Downtime costs between $926 – $17,244 Per Minute. This includes Lost Revenue, Zero Productivity, Recovery Expenses, Equipment Replacement and more.

Data Breaches are on the Rise

In Canada, an Estimated 4% of SMBs fell victim to a Ransomware attack between 2016-2017. The most targeted industries are Construction/Manufacturing (38%) and Professional Services (33%).

Data Loss Survival Rates

According to Touche Ross, 90% of companies without a Disaster Plan will not be able to survive a Major Disaster, whether it’s hardware failure, natural disaster, human error or malicious attack. Compare that to just 4% if a reliable Backup solution is in place.

The Cost of Downtime.

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We Recommend Mastermind To Our Clients

As an IT service provider, we have experience with numerous different backup solutions. Of all of them, we recommend Mastermind to our clients because of their reliability, flexibility, and Canadian presence. Compared to all of the other software-based cloud backup providers we’ve encountered in the field, Mastermind is the BEST; bar none.

Scott Birmingham

Great Company

I was a client for a year and had a great experience. The only reason I am no longer a client is that I subscribed to a service that integrates a computer lease, full online security, tech support, and secure backup. Basically, I chose the convenience of an all-in-one provider. Not only was my experience with MasterMind excellent, but I was… Read more “Great Company”

Paul Erick

Vital Service

We have been using this service for many years now. It has been completely painless and completely reliable when we have needed to retrieve lost data. No modern business should be without this type of service, and Mastermind is one of the best!

Ed Bodbyl