Medical practices, clinics and hospitals have a responsibility to protect and maintain their patients’ records as a part of their commitment to the provision of quality healthcare.

Mastermind Backup Solutions offers regularly scheduled electronic patient record backup. Physicians and their patients can be assured that we deliver safe, secure and privacy complaint maintenance procedures for electronic health records in Canada.

We understand your need for security and for ease of access. Our 100% Canadian-based data centre boasts military-grade security, our software is easy to use, and we are compliant with all relevant Canadian privacy legislation.

Electronic Health Record Data Backup

Electronic Health records backupA patient’s medical record is a powerful tool. Physicians use this document to track their patient’s history of care and identify issues that might require their attention. It is also essential for doctors and healthcare providers to keep comprehensive records (often for as long as 7 years) to meet billing, legal, regulatory, and auditory requirements as stipulated by federal, provincial and professional bodies.

As the medical industry moves towards fully electronic record systems, an electronic patient record is gradually replacing cumbersome paper files. Mastermind Backup Solutions offers support to the medical industry with its electronic document retention and management.

Our off-site Data Centre’s in Downtown Toronto, Markham and Kingston On means you don’t have to worry about losing sensitive and private data in a fire, natural disasters, or theft. We also offer computerized physician order entry backup.

Our software is compliant across a range of platforms including:

  • NueMD
  • Kareo
  • MediTouch
  • PrognoCIS software
  • Office Practicum

Our software is easy to use, cost effective and saves you time. Our military grade 256-bit encryption and unlimited backup sets means that your sensitive patient information is always safe and easily accessible.

Backup Your Sensitive Patient Data with a Company You Can Trust

Mastermind Backup Solutions offers unmatched cloud backup and secure data storage for the management of electronic health records in Ontario. Since 2002 we have worked with national brands and companies in IT data management and storage. We have built our reputation on trust, reliability and personal service.

We understand the specialized needs of various industries. This understanding is why physicians, hospitals, and the medical industry can turn to us for electronic health records backup and health information management.

As part of a network of HIPAA Compliant-Datacentre’s, we are also equipped to navigate regulations concerning patient data across the US border.

Call 1-800-713-8306 for more technical information.