Cloud Backup Solutions.

Why Do You Need Backup Software?

Routine, Off-Site Backups Are The Best Defense

At Mastermind, we often find that people talk about cloud backup solutions without considering the challenge or problem that solution is meant to solve.

What’s your challenge?

  • Fast data storage time and easy access?
  • Ensuring your data is secure and private?
  • Large enough storage space?
  • Ease of use?

Figuring out what you need to achieve with your backup solution is the first step in choosing cloud backup software. Once you have taken that essential step, then it’s time to look at the right cloud backup solution for your company.

Cloud Backup Server Row | Mastermind Disaster Recovery

Mastermind Cloud Backup Solutions

With Mastermind Backup, you get Canadian cloud backup solutions that address the real data storage challenges your company faces.

We’re not competing with the free backup software providers. We provide a high-quality product that you couldn’t get for free, a product that offers you value for your investment.

Our Cloud Backup Solutions Include:

  • Military Grade Digital and Physical Security256-bit encryption and five tiers of security protections, including retina scan and steel doors, in our Canadian data centre
  • Lightning Fast1GB up and downloading time
  • 100% Canadian Owned and OperatedYour data stays in Canada the entire time it’s with us, so you don’t have to worry about the laws of other jurisdictions, such as the US Patriot Act
  • Ultimate privacy – Once your data is Uploaded, only you have access to it if you select ultrasafe® (so don’t lose your password!)
  • Data Storage PackagesCatered to meet your individual needs, from 10GB to unlimited
  • Easy To UseAutomatic backup and storage of new data

Cost Vs Value

It seems as though every day another free backup software provider appears in the market. This is in part because the basic technology to run a cloud backup system isn’t very complicated anymore. You really don’t need that much expertise to set up a free backup software company.

When looking for a backup provider, however, the question shouldn’t be of cost, it should be of value.

With free backup services, you often get what you pay for:

  • Unsecure cloud storage servers that could be hacked or physically broken into
  • Unlimited downloads, but limited bandwidth. (Imagine draining your pool through a garden hose)
  • Large companies having access to your private data
  • Limited storage space
  • Data moving into other jurisdictions, opening it up to different legal obligations

What is the security and privacy of your data worth to you?

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