20 02, 2020

5 Tips for Finding The Right Cloud Backup Solution for You

As the world increasingly turns to the cloud for backup and storage, it can be hard to know which cloud backup solution is right for you. Obviously you will want an online backup that will protect your data but you also want one that will accommodate and grow with your unique business or industry needs. To help you narrow down your [...]

3 01, 2020

Heck yes! Veeam backups to Canadian Data Centers

Veeam Cloud Connect covers all of the cloud backup bases. It allows you to create physical and virtual backups off-site (and replicate virtual machines!) without having to shoulder the costs of building and maintaining the off-site infrastructure while protecting your data with encryption every step of the way. In other words, Veeam makes it easy to adopt a backup and disaster [...]

21 12, 2019

The Best Cloud Backup Options Canada

Let’s face it, using an online backup or cloud backup is just the right decision for your business. Having an on-site backup is not something that is convenient or possible for many and the flexibility offered by the cloud is something that can no longer be ignored. But what should you be looking for in a cloud backup solution? In order [...]

17 09, 2019

Cloud Backup: Yes, It Is Necessary!

Cloud backup (or offsite backup) is the best solution when your data is far too precious to risk. Protecting your data using cloud backup in Canada, under the Canadian Privacy Act, delivers the best peace of mind. You will know that your data is safe and ready to recover in the event of a disaster with Mastermind Backup Solutions. The fact [...]

15 08, 2019

What Type of Data Storage Should I Be Looking For …

How important is reliable Canadian Data storage to your business? You may not even realize how important the right data storage can be to your business. Many businesses find out the hard way. In today’s market data is gold. Protecting your data must be a priority. How vulnerable are you right now? Data Protection and Data Recovery How is your data [...]

14 02, 2017

Why your Law Firm Needs a Backup Recovery Plan

Having a backup recovery plan, more specifically a cloud based backup solution, is incredibly important for all businesses. However, when it comes to law-firms there is an increase in having a fool proof, secured backup solution that keeps all of your data safe, not only for your own security, but also for your clients. Let’s go over the critical reasons your [...]

7 05, 2015

Keeping Your Online Data Safe

Is your private information safe online? This is a question that should concern every person who has sensitive data stored online. These days, that means pretty much everyone in a country like Canada. Secure data storage is vitally important for the safety of your personal and business data. Client Information Made Public The recent detection of a vulnerability within a Google [...]

10 09, 2014

Don’t lose faith in technology

In light of the recent iCloud hacking, which left many young celebrities personally victimized with the release of their nude photos, we’re here today to reassure you that while technology may not be entirely foolproof, it’s not completely hopeless either. In case you’re not overly familiar with this Apple product/service, iCloud is a cloud storage and computing service from Apple Inc. [...]

1 05, 2014

Beware of CryptoLocker Ransomeware!

We briefly mentioned a virus by the name of CryptoLocker in our last blog, and today we’re here to explain a little more in depth about what it is and how it can jeopardize your company’s entire network. CryptoLocker is classified as a ransomware trojan that can cripple your system in a matter of minutes. It disguises itself as a [...]

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