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Canadian Data Backup Services for Business and Home

Here at Mastermind, we understand that backing up your business data isn’t something that gets a great deal of your attention. After all, as a small-to-medium sized business owner, you already have many things on your mind. You know your data is valuable but are not sure what you can do to ensure it stays safe?

It’s human nature to ignore threats — until something bad happens. It could be a hardware failure, software crash, data breach, or ransomware that severs you from your information. If you have no backup or outdated procedures in place it’s possible you could lose all your data forever, is this something you can afford? Could you imagine losing all your customer records, inventory, historical data, HR records, and payroll? You’ll likely experience significant downtime that results in the loss of revenue for your business. Your business’s reputation might also suffer — especially if you lose sensitive client data that you were entrusted with.

Reasons You Might Lose Data

Data breaches resulting in lost information, human error, hardware failure, and malicious hacks can happen to any SMB. Lost data because of system updates that are not kept current and unintended employee error is more common than you might think. Even if you think your SMB couldn’t possibly be the target of a hacker’s attack or a larger data breach, it’s entirely possible for you to be caught up in a larger operation. If your business is entrusted with especially vulnerable data, such as a medical practice, accounting, or attorney, the stakes are even higher.

Why Backup Your Business Data?

You simply don’t have the seven-figure budgets that large corporations are working with so weathering any of the above is likely to result in significant downtime. The amount of downtime — and the resulting loss of production — could be even greater than you anticipate. Use the Mastermind Recovery Time Calculator to try out different scenarios. You’ll soon realize just how detrimental to your business this type of data loss can be.

Just like the insurance you maintain on your business vehicles, buildings and other equipment, backing up your business data is a necessity that protects you and your business against the unexpected. From compliance and legal issues to the loss of your internal accounting data, trying to rebuild that information without accurate data restore in place is a daunting and frustrating prospect.

Home Data Storage for Canadian Families

SMBs naturally have a need to prevent the loss of their data, but they aren’t the only ones who can benefit from Mastermind’s Business Backup service. Entrepreneurs who want to ensure that their ideas are kept safe from accidental loss will appreciate this quick, affordable and painless service. Home users with three or more computers, large media folders or both can protect themselves against a loss of irreplaceable information with personal data backup and data recovery from Mastermind.

Why Choose Mastermind Business Backup?

As an SMB, you don’t have a large budget for IT services. It’s also likely that keeping your business data safe and secure goes beyond your IT skills. At Mastermind, we make it easy for your business to stay safe from ransomware, employee errors, outdated operating systems and more. Our system is easy to install and use. It requires no special skills on your part and ensures that your data is easily accessible any time you want or need it.

Mastermind is a 100 percent owned and operated Canadian business. Since 2002, we have been providing data backup and protection services to more than 3,500 end-users across Canada. Our data centers are the most secure in Canada and all your data stays within the country’s borders. This ensures that your business is in compliance with requirements that all data stays within Canada.

Our Mastermind Business Backup services are quick because we know that time is money for SMBs. Because your business doesn’t have a large budget for IT services, Mastermind keeps our services affordable. We know your pain points and keep the data backup process painless.

At Mastermind, we pride ourselves on offering personal service to each of our clients. If you ever have a problem, such as needing remote data recovery, we are here to help you. Our staff is on-hand and available to your business 24/7. We’re here to walk you through it every step of the way. Contact Us today at 1-800-713-8306 or email us to ask for a free quote! We even offer a no-obligation, 30-day free trial so you can experience our protection for yourself!

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