Cloud Backup: Yes, It Is Necessary!

Cloud  backup (or offsite backup) is the best solution when your data is far too precious to risk. Protecting your data using cloud backup in Canada, under the Canadian Privacy Act, delivers the best peace of mind. You will know that your data is safe and ready to recover in the event of a disaster with Mastermind Backup Solutions. The [...]

Cloud Backup: Yes, It Is Necessary!2019-09-17T10:25:22-04:00

What Type of Data Storage Should I Be Looking For …

How important is reliable Canadian Data storage to your business? You may not even realize how important the right data storage can be to your business. Many businesses find out the hard way. In today’s market data is gold. Protecting your data must be a priority. How vulnerable are you right now? Data Protection and Data Recovery  How is your data [...]

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Why your Law Firm Needs a Backup Recovery Plan

Having a backup recovery plan, more specifically a cloud based backup solution, is incredibly important for all businesses. However, when it comes to law-firms there is an increase in having a fool proof, secured backup solution that keeps all of your data safe, not only for your own security, but also for your clients. Let’s go over the critical reasons your [...]

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Do You Worry About Online Surveillance?

Do You Worry About Online Surveillance? As a Canadian, you might not since there is no Canadian version of the Patriot Act even in light of the shootings on Parliament Hill (22 Oct 2014). Unlike our American neighbours, personal data transferred and stored on Canadian servers is not directly accessible to Canadian intelligence agencies. Canadians, however, are susceptible to the reaches [...]

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Keeping Your Online Data Safe

Is your private information safe online? This is a question that should concern every person who has sensitive data stored online. These days, that means pretty much everyone in a country like Canada. Secure data storage is vitally important for the safety of your personal and business data. Client Information Made Public The recent detection of a vulnerability within a Google [...]

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Secure Data Transportation

How does your business transport sensitive data? When sensitive data leaves your office, is it leaving in a secure fashion? Surprisingly, this is a question many companies haven’t given adequate consideration. Most companies working with other people’s data have protections in place against computer crashes or online attacks. While these companies will put solid digital protections in place, however, they often [...]

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Jurisdiction Is Important In Cloud Storage

Businesses are always concerned about the security of their IT data. When it comes to using the cloud for operations this can be an even more critical need. A recent US ruling related to Microsoft data storage in Ireland illustrates why location of data storage needs to be considered. In this case a US court ruled that Microsoft was required to [...]

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Don’t lose faith in technology.

In light of the recent iCloud hacking, which left many young celebrities personally victimized with the release of their nude photos, we’re here today to reassure you that while technology may not be entirely foolproof, it’s not completely hopeless either. In case you’re not overly familiar with this Apple product/service, iCloud is a cloud storage and computing service from Apple Inc. [...]

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Cyber Spying – Can You Regain Your Trust in the Internet?

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] It’s no secret that there have been allegations of government internet spying for years. What many people might not know is that those allegations are actually true statements. Thanks to the “Big Brother Act” in the US, the government can monitor anything and everything from what articles you look at, to who you’re talking to and what you’re purchasing online. [...]

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Tapes vs. Online backup – Top 4 Reasons to Consider

We receive a lot of questions when it comes to backup, and one of the more common ones is, “What’s the difference between online backups and traditional backup tape cartridges?” So, we’re here today to field this question and give you a little bit of insight. Reason #1 - Tapes are slow Restoring from an offsite backup is much faster than [...]

Tapes vs. Online backup – Top 4 Reasons to Consider2014-06-23T10:12:55-04:00