About Mastermind

For over 20 years Mastermind has built its business on trust, reliability and personal service. We are 100% Canadian owned and operated, meaning just that, your data stays safe and secure without crossing any borders.

Disaster recovery is what we are great at. We give you the opportunity to restore your data in case of an emergency anytime, anywhere even years down the road.

What We Stand For


We service over 3500 end users and over 325 re-sellers across Canada and the USA.


Our Data Storage is located at 20 Pullman Dr. (Peer1 Data centre in Toronto) and 2 Gore St. in Kingston.

Personal Service

Remember – When you signup for online backup you are really purchasing the ability to restore your data in case of an emergency, anytime, anywhere years from now.

How to Reach Us

(800) 713-8306


Datacentres in Markham and Kingston

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