Having a backup recovery plan, more specifically a cloud based backup solution, is incredibly important for all businesses. However, when it comes to law-firms there is an increase in having a fool proof, secured backup solution that keeps all of your data safe, not only for your own security, but also for your clients. Let’s go over the critical reasons your law-firm should consider implementing a backup recovery plan:

Your company server holds a vast amount of sensitive data, ranging from employee records, client records, properties, and of course detailed case information. These documents hold essential information that third parties may want to gain access too. It is important to use a backup plan that encrypts the data resulting in a file that would have no meaning or make no sense to a third party that may be trying to hack you. Without encryption, you are leaving your data vulnerable to competitors, hackers, and even just human error.

A Secure Backup Recovery Plan Protects your Data

When choosing your backup recovery plan, make sure that it is a highly secured, with a password protected encryption that is also accessible at an offsite location. This will give you peace of mind knowing that your files and data are completely safe and remain in your control. When you are looking at encryption options, it’s important to remember that with backup solutions, they encrypt files before sending them over the internet giving you added security.

Data backups are now much more affordable and allow you to customize your own plan options. When you select a backup option, your files are automatically being replicated and encrypted without you having to remember to do it, it is step up on a backup schedule for you. Anyone within your firm will be able to set up and use the same backup system software that synchronizes all firm data onto one offsite location.

Backup Recovery Plans Give you Peace of Mind

Can you imagine one of your employees has an encounter with a brutal virus, wiping out all of your data or denying access without payment. This cybercriminal holds all your data ransom without the guarantee of retrieval. A secure backup system can give you the peace of mind assuring that your data is being stored, safely where you can have access to your files within a few short minutes. If you didn’t have that backup system in place, all of your important case files, and company records would be gone and next too impossible to replicate.

When you have your own firm, you rely heavily on your electronic data for important business components such as payroll, emails, client records and other critical files. In the case that something was to happen to your files, you do not have the time to waste on trying to recover and replace this stolen, lost, or deleted data. When you choose a backup solution, you have the access to your original files with zero stress or effort exerted, not just over your computer but also over your mobile device. The security of client’s cases and personal information starts with the action that is taken by the law-firm.