Is your private information safe online?

This is a question that should concern every person who has sensitive data stored online. These days, that means pretty much everyone in a country like Canada.

Secure data storage is vitally important for the safety of your personal and business data.

Client Information Made Public

The recent detection of a vulnerability within a Google app underscores this concern. The vulnerability affects people whose websites are registered using eNom via Google Apps for work.

Researchers from networking services firm Cisco discovered that users who had requested privacy protection via the Google service had their information unknowingly exposed. The information of 282,867 users was made public. information is the registration information associated with a given website. Many web owners do not want their registration information made public. Reasons can range from a simple desire for privacy, to fraud protection, and to websites about sensitive information.

The clients in question registered their website through eNom with a request to keep their information private. The information stayed private for the first year. However, when the domains came up for renewal, the web owners’ information became public. These details included full names, home or business addresses, phone numbers, and emails.

Needless to say, the release of this information puts these site owners at considerably increased risk of fraud.

Privacy Protection Online

While this incident refers to a specific vulnerability, it raises a larger concern about privacy protections online.

There are many free services available online, from email to social media to data storage and far beyond. The convenience and ease of these services make it very easy to agree to the terms of service without too much analysis, if any, of the exact terms.

It also means trusting services with your information that do not provide a guarantee your data will be protected. Services like Google Drive are very convenient, but what happens to your data if something goes wrong with their system? Are there guarantees of your data’s safety?

Google’s goal is to keep your data secure. This is a given, as we would otherwise be less likely to use their services.

However, this does not mean they will take responsibility for data loss. According to Google’s Terms of Service, “When permitted by law, Google…will not be responsible for lost profits, revenues, or data” (emphasis added by author).

A service like Google Drive can be very convenient, as it is a quick and free online backup service. But is it good enough for your sensitive data?

The answer is ‘No.’ As with most things, you get what you pay for. Google Drive and other free services do not provide the necessary protection for your most sensitive data.

Cloud Backup with Mastermind

When you backup with Mastermind, your data is protected by military-grade security in our Canadian cloud storage facility. We store all of your data in our Toronto data center on highly reliable, redundant disk arrays. And, if something did somehow go wrong, we carry a 10 million dollar errors and omissions insurance policy, just in case.

When storing your company’s sensitive data, be extra cautious and enjoy the feeling of extra security with Mastermind Backup Solutions.