Businesses are always concerned about the security of their IT data. When it comes to using the cloud for operations this can be an even more critical need. A recent US ruling related to Microsoft data storage in Ireland illustrates why location of data storage needs to be considered.

In this case a US court ruled that Microsoft was required to provide access to data stored in one of its Ireland based cloud storage centres. The tenure of the Tech Republic article reporting on this situation reflects a US focused concern that this type of legal decision can affect the ability of US cloud businesses to compete in other markets like Europe.

Canadian focus

From our perspective in supporting Canadian based businesses it raises a more significant decision point for Canadian companies. When they choose a cloud supplier should they only use those which have a Canadian based? Should they only use those that are Canadian in origin? This sounds kind of drastic on the surface but if there is any concern that your data might be subject to some sort of court ordered seizure due to the actions of your supplier, is it not better to be at least subject to Canadian law rather than some legislation from another jurisdiction that you do not fully understand.

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By Lee Kirkby, of Leppert Business Systems, authorized reseller of Mastermind Backup Solutions.