We receive a lot of questions when it comes to backup, and one of the more common ones is, “What’s the difference between online backups and traditional backup tape cartridges?” So, we’re here today to field this question and give you a little bit of insight.

Reason #1 – Tapes are slow

  • Restoring from an offsite backup is much faster than restoring from a tape if you have a high speed internet connection. As an example, its very time consuming to find a single document or file because multiple tapes are used to achieve consistent backups.

Reason #2 – Maintenance is very tedious

  • People have always used tapes for backup in the past. Normal procedure is to insert a backup tape for everyday of the week, which poses a huge security risk. Unless you have an IT person available with a standard procedure, you run the risk of overwriting information or skipping days, even weeks because of office overload.

Reason #3 – Human error

  • Having something tangible can be nice because you have that feeling of “I’m taking it with me”. This opens up huge liability.
  • Case in point, if you physically remove your data from your premises and it contains sensitive information about your customers or employees, you no longer have a legal argument if the tape(s) were stolen or misplaced.
  • What if you forget? Forgetting to backup current files, or deleting existing files and not updating your tape(s) can be bad for your business. It also doesn’t help that tapes aren’t always reliable because they can malfunction, break or just not work.

Reason #4 – Inconsistent Backup Source

  • According to Storage magazine, up to 60% of tape backups fail to fully recover your data and it’s estimated that a whopping 60% of companies that lose their data will inevitably shut down within six months.

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