We briefly mentioned a virus by the name of CryptoLocker in our last blog, and today we’re here to explain a little more in depth about what it is and how it can jeopardize your company’s entire network.

CryptoLocker is classified as a ransomware trojan that can cripple your system in a matter of minutes. It disguises itself as a legitimate attachment in an email and once clicked it spreads throughout your hard drive and into your network and encrypts your files. Once the initial encryption has completed, it will prompt you with the following message:

Please note that once you have received this message, it’s too late for anti-virus to respond and your computer has been compromised. It will then give you a specified amount of time in which if you don’t pay the “ransom” it will destroy the generated decryption key. It is very important that if you think your computer has been infected and you haven’t yet received a pop up message from CryptoLocker, you should shut your computer down immediately and contact your IT support.

This all comes back to the importance of having a secure offsite/cloud backup in place; As long as your files are properly backed up either off site and/or in a cloud based environment, you should be able to wipe your computer, reinstall your operating system and then recover your files off of your backup.

To protect yourself and your company’s files, always make sure you only open emails from trusted sources and never click on suspicious links or attachments.