All businesses should already know that backing up your files is imperative in order to protect your important information. However, if you are currently using a backup within your office, you need to be aware of security breaches that can wipe out your data and local backups.

Take for instance the CryptoLocker Virus, a high threat ransom ware trojan that will encrypt all of the files on your local hard drive and then spreads to your network drive. Once it has done the initial damage, it will then ask for a ransom (often in the form of bitcoins) in exchange for providing a key to decrypt your files. It’s effects can be devastating to a company that doesn’t have a backup offsite.

Other factors that can result in mass data loss when you only have onsite backups are things such as fire and water damage, theft or a disgruntled employee. Also keep in mind that people having physical access to your server room can always pose a threat to your data.

What is the best way to avoid debilitating security breaches?

Have your company’s data backed up in a cloud and at an offsite data centre. Mastermind Backup offers class-A facilities equipped with fire suppression, security cameras, 24/7 security guards, personnel access controls, backup electrical generators, using multiple ISPs, high-end firewalls, and clustering and mirroring techniques to ensure the stored data is always available to your company.