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The Future of Data Backup Is Here.

Mastermind Backup Solutions DR is the only All-In-One online backup and disaster recovery solution to fully protect your servers and office environment while ensuring minimal downtime and the ability to access your data anywhere there’s an internet connection.

How Our Disaster Recovery Solution Works

Backup Solutions

  • Physical Server
  • Virtual Server
  • Desktop PC

Mastermind Backup Solutions DR agent is installed onto each client PC and server.

Block-level snapshots of all protected agents are taken by the onsite Mastermind Backup Solutions DR core. Global de-duplication and compression minimize LAN traffic and system resource requirements.

All snapshots are kept onsite in the local core. These can be used for file restores, drive roll-backs, mail and database restores, and bare-metal recovery. The local core also hosts the virtual standby failover servers.

The encrypted, compressed, and de-duplicated snapshots are securely replicated offsite to our Mastermind Backup Solutions DR data centre.

In the event of a disaster, we can host a virtual failover environment in our data hardware is up and running again, we can export up-to-date server images ready for bare-metal recovery, or import to your virtual environment.

Life Preserver

Dedicated Mastermind Backup Solutions OnSite Server

In the event of a disaster, Mastermind Backup data recovery software can:

  • restore or roll back a server
  • restore individual file or email
  • provide virtual standby failover servers
  • restore individual file or email
  • provide virtual standby failover servers


Mastermind Backup Solutions DR is the world’s most robust online backup and disaster recovery solution. We fully protect your physical and virtual environments and are compatible with Microsoft Windows Server, VMware vSphere, Hyper-V, and ESX(i) environments.

Mastermind Backup Solutions DR is fully managed and monitored by our team of Mastermind Backup Solutions engineers, from installation through management and recovery. We will customize a package which suits your data recovery needs and fits your individual environment and infrastructures.


  • Continuous, application-aware snapshots of entire server.
  • Block-level snapshots with incremental-forever data capture.
  • Integrated global data de-duplication and compression.
  • Full on-site replication with hosted failover options.
  • SQL and Exchange integration with consistency checks, mountability checks, and log truncation.
  • Continually updated virtual standby servers for failover.
  • Windows and Linux compatible.

Flexible restore options to any point in time, including:

  • File- or database-level restores
  • Bare-metal restores
  • Mailbox or mail-level restores
  • Single drive or entire server rollback
  • Direct restore to an ESX or Hyper-V environment
  • VHD export


  • Significantly reduces backup storage footprint in comparison with traditional data backup solutions.
  • True scale architecture eliminates backup windows.
  • Control how long to keep snapshots for compliance and retention purposes.
  • Mount snapshots for quick and easy restores and data mining.
  • Flexible repository storage types that match SLA requirements, reducing data storage costs.
  • Delivers application-specific backup testing and corruption-detection for every snapshot.
  • Restore individual e-mail, SQL tables, and SharePoint documents directly from the snapshot.
  • Enterprise console for managing large environments from a single pane of glass.
  • Snapshots can be generated as frequently as every five minutes, reducing data loss.
  • Fast backups — only 1% overhead on production servers.
  • Instant recoveries of large volumes, reducing application downtime.

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  • Continuous, application-aware snapshots of entire server
  • 5x reduction in storage requirements
  • Eliminates backup windows
  • Built-in snapshot replication enables on-site disaster recovery; ideal for remote offices or cloud-based backup strategies
  • Push-button failover to virtual and physical standby machines
  • Enables p2v, v2v, v2p, and p2p migrations
  • Easy centralized management and control
  • Manage entire environments from a single pane of glass
  • Flexible retention policies
  • Exception alerting to Windows event log or to email
  • Command-line interface for scripting
  • Silent install for pushing agents