Companies have to be aware that certain client information falls under Canadian Privacy Legislation.

By backing up your Data via a memory stick, Backup Tapes or a Portable hard drive then transporting it to and from work,  you are leaving yourself wide open to liability and legal action if the portable device is lost, stolen or compromised.

I recently listened to a customers story in disbelief . An insurance firm who has been using our backup solution for several years, was approached by a Toronto IT company promoting their backup solution.

First step – Connect two hard drives to the customers server.

Next – install a local backup program that is scheduled to run every night to backup essential files.

Next  – swap the first drive for the second every other week and take it home for safe keeping.

There are several fundamental flaws with this type of approach.

1. Assuming the customer is willing to go through a regimented procedure to make sure the drive is disconnected properly, packaged so as not to damaged the drive, transport it  home, place it into a fire resistant container and lock it up,  then take it back to the office on the correct day  because the software will be demanding the second drive based on the backup schedule.

2. This entire concept is completely unnecessary these days because of the technological advances in backup software and  high secure encrypted online backup. By simply subscribing to a Canadian online backup solution you completely eliminate the transport problem, remembering to swap the drives and transporting them back to the office, possibly damaging them in the process and having something happen to your data while its off premises.

What completely blew me away was the shear complete lack of responsibility on the IT company to allow a process to be set in motion that if one of the drives were ever lost or stolen, all of the very sensitive and highly confidential insurance records would be in the hands of a thief.

Keeping your Data Protected and Secure ,

Author Keith Green