If you are after a discounted cheap online backup product you have come to the wrong site.

We are a premium high end online backup provider for people and businesses that are serious about their backup. 

1. Tech Support – Our tech support team is located in Toronto. We are friendly and knowledgeable. We do not outsource. We employ local people and that costs 6 times more per person compared to India or the Philippines.

2. Hydro – Our servers are at 151 Front Street in Toronto. Hydro is presently $18/amp per month and we are providing you with a 1 gig upload/download fibre internet connection.

3. Equipment – Mastermind Backup is committed to providing you with the best State of the Art Technology to ensure a 99.9% uptime. That creates a constant investment on our part.

4. Software – We are committed to providing the best backup software and reporting systems in the industry. As you can appreciate, we are constantly reinvesting in our software infrastructure.

Don’t forget your data is everything, try not to compromise one of your most important assets by saving a few pennies a day!