Another large security issue is the practice of outsourcing your tech support to a foreign country.

Ask your online backup provider where their tech support is located.

Example: Company A is an online backup provider and is compliant with the Canadian privacy laws by storing and maintaining your data in a Canadian approved data centre, under 24/7 surveillance and fire protection. They meet all of the standards laid out in various privacy acts, but they choose to contract their tech support to say… the Philippines. These firms offer unbeatable labour rates, so when you are trying to compete with $600/month per tech as opposed to $3000/month per Canadian tech, the price per gig has to reflect your overheads.

This becomes a major issue because they have complete access to your files, but the files are encrypted , true… but would you feel secure knowing that someone 3000 plus miles away, whom you have no legal recourse to pursue, has access to your stuff?

Mastermind Backup does not subscribe to outsourcing.

Written by Keith Green, CEO and President of Mastermind Data Corporation.