Welcome to our NEW Mastermind Backup Solutions website. We’ll be updating the website throughout June with some additional features. Sign up for our e-newsletter updates and if your looking to get your systems protected and backed up, or to become a reseller, feel free to contact me directly anytime.

Don’t take your data for granted…I don’t. In fact, I will personally meet with you to go through how Mastermind will help ensure that you’re never at a loss in downtime and without losing your vital business information.

Our look and the entire brand of Mastermind Backup Solutions has been refreshed to define how we are truly professional and data backup is the heart of our business.

The website has been revised to be easier to navigate in order for you to find all the information you need.

So…what are we all about? Mastermind Backup Solutions is a high security, digital storage company located and operated in Canada, ensuring all your data is safe and secure. Why is this important? Canada’s laws are very strict when it comes to security and protection. Meaning that your data is NOT available without court order or your permission. If your data is stored and or backed up in the USA, under the Patriot Act, the United States government can request and obtain your data at any time. How safe do you feel about that? With your data being backed up and stored on Canadian soil, you’re getting not only security and peace of mind of your data for YOU, but it’s also keeping ANYONE without permission, gaining access to your files.

In summary, Mastermind helps our clients avoid losing their precious data to natural disasters, criminal theft and other mishaps. We make backing up easy and we explain all the technical stuff in ways that you can understand. We educate you on how and what you should backup, and will be there for when the time comes to help restoring your data.

Our backup solutions have provided thousands of businesses just like yours with the ability to go about their day with confidence, and security of understanding of how to access, restore, and feel safe in knowing you will be back up in hours – not weeks, months or NEVER!

Thank you for reading and please feel free to call me directly to discuss how I can make sure your business is ready to be online all the time!

Keith Green