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Local Backup and Recovery Device
Have your business up and running in no time with our Exclusive, Business Continuity Solutions

The BCS – 4000 provides a full image of your Server and Daily Backups

Encrypted Offsite Data Protection
Store and access data from anywhere at any time, day or night, safely and in compliance using Acronis Cloud Backup.
Complete Data Protection
When disaster strikes we will initiate a full recovery within minutes on our Virtual Servers. We connect with your IT provider to have you up and running, and will work with you until your problem is resolved.

We Are In The Data Protection Business

90% of our customer base has been with us over a decade.

Mastermind was founded in 2002. This means that in computer terms, we have been around a very long time. Over a period of almost 20 years we have been dedicated to building lasting relationships. In fact, 90% of our customer base has been with us over a decade. It is important to us that each of our clients are valued and protected, always.

We are a proud Canadian company, and we take your data storage and security very seriously. Unlike Big Data corporations (Amazon, Microsoft, Google and Apple to name a few) we keep your data in privacy-compliant Canadian Data Centres.

Mastermind offers both local and cloud solutions at just about any size and configuration your business may need. Our product line is always kept up to date, keeping us on the leading edge of technology. By staying ahead of hackers and scammers, we ensure your data is stored securely and reliably. Our business is simply to restore your data to its original form if and when your hardware or software experiences a catastrophic failure. With our big-company resources and small-town hospitality, we are confident you will feel comfortable and valued with our trusted Canadian-made solution.

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What our Clients are saying:

Worked when we needed it!

While making changes on our server we accidentally deleted some critical files. Thank goodness for Mastermind Data Protection! In no time at all they were able to retrieve the lost files and we were back in business!

Ed Bodbyl

We Recommend Mastermind To Our Clients

As an IT service provider, we have experience with numerous different backup solutions. Of all of them, we recommend Mastermind to our clients because of their reliability, flexibility, and Canadian presence. Compared to all of the other software-based cloud backup providers we’ve encountered in the field, Mastermind is the BEST; bar none.

Scott Birmingham

Great Company

I was a client for a year and had a great experience. The only reason I am no longer a client is that I subscribed to a service that integrates a computer lease, full online security, tech support, and secure backup. Basically, I chose the convenience of an all-in-one provider. Not only was my experience with MasterMind excellent, but I was… Read more “Great Company”

Paul Erick
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